• Adhere to the highest standards of service
  • Offer uncompromised expertise
  • Achieve optimal levels of end user experience
  • Consistently deliver cutting-edge video conferencing quality
  • Provide industry leading training

                   SEASONED PROS

If the idea of creating RFPs and deciphering responses is overwhelming, let Communications Pros help with objective and comprehensive knowledge of all the top providers.

RFP development 


OUR CONSULTANTS HAVE BEEN EVERYWHERE – from manufacturers to end users. 

Our network of professionals range from video experts, to trainers, to CCIEs. We have cherry picked the brightest and the best with extensive experience across various communications platforms. With Communications Pros, you know you are getting the most up-to-the minute industry knowledge.

We specialize in designing and overseeing implementation of your video network from start to finish. Whether it's a small tweak or a complete overhaul, we have you covered.


OUR mission

Communications Pros will provide a comprehensive training curriculum across all levels of your staff to take your company's service to the next level. 


Communications Pros uses end user surveys, network administrator interviews, and network configuration observation to conduct a comprehensive video network assessment.